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UPDATED - 14th May 2018

Check out these upcoming performance featuring Ben Thomas/Lee Goodall Quintet:

Sunday May 27th 2018 at Talking Heads Jazz Club, Southampton

Friday 1st June 2018 at The Bebop Jazz Club in…

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Thomas & Muse At Hundred Years Gallery

UPDATED - 11th March 2018

Thomas & Muse performed recently at Hundred Years Gallery in Hoxton, London. The full performance and preview is available to view at the link below. Please be aware that the film contains nudity.

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Introducing Thomas & Muse

UPDATED - 8th January 2018

NEW FOR 2018 - Thomas & Muse perform a naked expression of music and art. Featuring a curious collaboration of trumpet playing and painted imagery, this spontaneous evolution of creative shenanigans weaves a playful…

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Ben Thomas Quartet - Birmingham Symphony Hall

UPDATED - 30th November 2017 

Featuring Ben Thomas (trumpet), Jim Blomfield (piano), Pasquale Votino (double bass) and Paolo Adamo (drums). Performing 'Gentlemen's Relish' and 'Mother Earth' by Ben Thomas at Birmingham Symphony Hall, 24th November 2017.


Thomas/Goodall Quintet - The Bristol Fringe

UPDATED - 29th November 2017

Featuring Ben Thomas (trumpet), Lee Goodall (saxophone and percussion), Jim Blomfield (keyboards), Pasquale Votino (double bass) and Paolo Adamo (drums). Performing 'Achilles Heel' and 'Fallen Angel' by Ben Thomas at The Bristol Fringe - 22nd…

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Winter Scenes

UPDATED - 27th November 2017

A few images taken from performances in 2017 with Ben Thomas (trumpet), Jim Blomfield (piano), Lee Goodall (sax), Pasquale Votino (double bass) and Paolo Adamo (drums).


Southampton Snippets

UPDATED - 21st November 2017

Recorded at Talking Heads, Southampton, November 2017 and featuring Ben Thomas (trumpet), Lee Goodall (saxophone), Peter Maxfield (double bass) plus Ted Carrasco (drums).


Winter Collaborations 2017

UPDATED - 8th November 2017

Some upcoming collaborations with such people as Ben Thomas (trumpet), Lee Goodal (sax), Jim Blomfield (piano), Pasquale Votino (double bass) and Paolo Adamo (drums).


Catch some performances:

- 8pm Sunday…

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Scenes Of Winter Performances

UPDATED - 2nd November 2017

Featuring the music of Ben Thomas and the visual offerings of artist Lu Muse Scenes Of Winter conjures an evocative atmosphere and presents a personal interpretation of the winter season. Showcasing original compositions and…

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Amici Italiani LIVE VIDEO

UPDATED - 2nd June 2017

Ben Thomas/Davide Logiri Quartet at Bonaventura Jazz Club on 25th May 2017, Milan and Jazz Club Torino on 26th May 2017 featuring Ben Thomas (trumpet), Davide Logiri (piano), Raffaele Romano (double bass) and Allesio…

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'Cantaloupe Island' at Jazz Club Torino 26/05/17

UPDATED - 1st June 2017

Performing 'Cantaloupe Island' Ben Thomas/Davide Logiri Quartet at Jazz Club Torino, Italy on 26th May 2017 featuring Ben Thomas (trumpet), Davide Logiri (piano), Raffaele Romano (double bass) and Allesio Pacifico (drums).


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Performances In Italy - 15th May 2017

UPDATED - 15th May 2017

Performances in Italy featuring Ben Thomas (trumpet) and Davide Logiri (piano): 

Monday 22nd May - AT57 Jazz Club (Cologno monzese) 

Tuesday 23rd May - La Rava e la Fava Jazz Club…

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